Arequipa Guide

Arequipa Things To Do Through Gritted Teeth I Trudged On

 arequipa things to do After we’d seen enough condors we head off to start our trek down into the canyon trek 3 hours winding down the mountain! It was a bit daunting standing on the edge of the cliff looking down knowing you had to get to the bottom but hey oh off went. After a couple hours we arrived at Chivay for a breakfast of bread and jam and later head to cruz del condor look out where you can literally see the condors soaring a few metres below or above you. We chose the 3 day 2 night option heading off from Arequipa at 3am -not an easy start especially as its freezing are you’re literally stuffed into a small van with 20 other zombiefied travelers.

We continued on to markets of Yanque where locals were selling souvenirs and pictures with llamas and hawks!

Reserva Nacional Salinas Y Aguada Blanca where we saw the endangered vicunas, llamas and alpacas.

 arequipa things to do Our last stop was over the highest point of 4800m to view the dramatic antiplano landscape among a couple of volcanoes, a pretty good ending to an awesome 3 day trip. After 2 hours trekking we reached a view point of the oasis where were staying which looked like paradise -that’s what it was called definitely we still had beautiful views of the light green river valley below us and huge field’s cacti -different kinds to what we’d seen before it was pretty cool!

On day 2 we had a relaxed morning with caramel pancakes and coca tea to wake up to and after that we head off on our 3 hour trek to the long awaited oasis! We consequently trudged on another 20mins to our family home stay where we wolfed down our lunch in the dining room which was basically an open air mud hut which had pretty views of the wering cliffs above us -a reminder of what we still had to climb on the way back up! Room was…um how can I say mud rustic? Luckily were safe! We basically stayed in mud huts with thatched roofs -they were surprisingly comfy though and I wasn’t they’ve been in the room and matt had to double check for me!

It literally was that -paradise!

Things first we whipped our swimming stuff on and straight into the pool went -which was a bit cold but so refreshing at similar time.

We’re staying in mud huts again this time with bamboo for windows and a roof and you can hear the river running right below us which was a great soothing sound. This link inka express tourist bus might be a good solution for you. Sparkling pool surrounded by natural granite rock, light green grass and trees with pretty coloured flower beds ah! We spent most of the afternoon sun tanning and relaxing, and actually writing this blog post! Cotahuasi in identical region by 163m it’s a lot harder to get to we settled for Colca Canyon and we’re glad we did, when in Peru among the must do’s is Colcan Canyon the deepest canyons on the world at 3191m -the only deepest one is its neighbor.

 arequipa things to do For the final hike up Matt left with the group at 5am for the 23hour hike out of the canyon but I opted for the mule ride out instead to save my knee the pain.

As you know mules are stubborn animals and a couple of them just wouldn’t move so the owner who was behind me in the mule convoy kept shouting at them whipping and throwing rocks at them which greatly distressed me plus the saddle was rock hard and my legs kept getting pinched by the stirrups.

I couldn’t wait to get off. Route was so steep and windy that I had to hold on for dear life as with every turn the mule was teetering on the edge of the canyon without barriers. Now look, the mule ride wasn’t as wonderful as I’d hoped -yes it saved me a whole lot of pain, sweat and tears but instead I got a treacherous and uncomfortable mule ride with an ahole of owner leading the way. By the way, the home stay was pretty basic -it was like staying in a village compound on a farm.

I know that the surrounding area was full of fruit trees and vegie gardens, patches of farm land, pigs, guinea pigs, donkeys, turkeys, chickens, dogs and cats! Another question isSo the question is this. Besides, the food for the trip was good/’okay we”ve loved the soups at the start of any ‘meala’ different one every time and the main course is always rice with some meat type and veg -we had alpaca one time and the other time we presumed was chicken as we saw the cook walk past with a freshly plucked chicken but if anyone knew?! Poor buggers.

Being an animal lover I felt so sorry for the poor buggers.

The mule and I got out alive in the end and I gave him an ideal thank you pat and reluctantly 70S to the owner and rejoined my group. More info is here: cusco to puno bus.

It was bad enough having to carry these lazy humans up a cliff but thence to be whipped, hit by rocks and screamed at. Fact, I was hoping for a serene and relaxed experience clip clopping on a donkey through a beautiful canyon?! Notice that the first ‘1 2’ hours weren’t bad, Know what guys, I was distracted by the scenery which was spectacular as well as the donkeys that kept passing us by but as midday kicked in on the 3rd hour I began to feel it.