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Peru Travel Information – Solo Female Travelers

peru travel information South America doesn’t get a lot more evocative of generations gone by than Peru. Its mix of ancient civilisations and dramatic archaeology, set among a lot of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world, means few destinations have as much to offer cultural visitors. Click this link: cusco to puno bus. Then the website of the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism has useful information for urists and visitors in English, and its local urist Information and Assistance service -telephone +51 1 574 8000 can handle enquiries in English. On the Ministry of Tourism website you will also find information about the government offices that Tourist Protection Network has launched a brand new 24/7 7 free line to contact the Tourist Police on 0800 They can handle enquiries in English. Shuttle and taxi drivers that we use to transport our guests from/to Cusco and various locations within the Sacred Valley have impeccable records, drive excellent vehicles, and are trusted extensions of the Source Peru family.

Lots of them have participated in plant medicine ceremonies with us and understand what you might be feeling if it’s your first time joining us.

You may wish to make your travel arrangements through an online consolidator like, or as they will handle all through bookings from your point of origin to Cusco. You have to visit this web page: inkaexpressbus. By checking with them you may also gain access to discounted travel that you wouldn’t otherwise find by booking directly with an airline. You will therefore transfer through to the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco. You will fly into Lima’s Jorge Ch├ívez International Airport, that is the main international and domestic airport in Peru, Therefore if you are coming to the Source from outside Peru. Also, taxi fare from your hotel in Cusco to the meet point is no more than $ When heading back to Cusco, the shuttle drops you at the Plaza de Armas.

We make things as easy as possible for you by scheduling our shuttle meet point at a central location just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. For private groups, the shuttle pickup and drop off location is arranged on the basis of every group’s needs. Cusco is a very safe city for travelers, as is the Sacred Valley actually. Remember, quite a few women that stay with us are solo travelers, and for some it’s their first trip away from their home country. We receive many inquiries from women who are considering a trip to Source Peru but have concerns about travelling alone. For Source Peru Ayahuasca retreats, we require guests to arrive in Cusco the day before the retreat start date. Therefore, I know it’s not uncommon to have delays flying into/out of the Cusco airport due to its location in a valley in the mountains. You should take it into account. We have loads of hotels that we can recommend in Cusco, relying upon your budget. It’s a well we also work with reputable and trustworthy ur providers that we can recommend if you have specific urs or adventures you’d like to embark on with a guide or ur group.

peru travel information You are can afford to hire transportation within Cusco and throughout the Sacred Valley, if you wish to travel and explore before or right after your stay with us -and you really must to take full advantage of your time here -please know that travel in the Sacred Valley area is quite safe and with the cheap taxi fare.

Although this doesn’t need to be said, and, we’ll say it anyway, we can not be responsible for any situations you may encounter while travelling before/after your time onsite with us, All of that in mind, it’s your responsibility to remain alert and aware when you are travelling solo, regardless of your gender or location around the planet.

The majority of our clients are solo female travelers who report nothing apart from wonderful experiences during their time in Cusco and here in the Sacred Valley and often comment on how safe they feel and how easy it’s to travel alone here.