Rent A Car: What Kind Of Car Should You Rent

 rent a car Changes from September 4 also include the service 8, 9 and 72, that serves Bristol Temple Meads and quite a few central Bristol.

Buses, running hourly Monday to Saturday day times, will follow identical route as Services 38 and 39 as far as Keynsham wn centre.

Service 37. Between Keynsham and Bath services 37 and 38 will combine to give two buses 60 minutes over this section. It is that buses run every half a hour, from September 4 the frequency of Service 39 journeys going to be increased. Service 39. They will pick you up at the airport by shuttle and take you to their office to finish the paperwork and you’ll get your car there.

Just fill out the form, pick the car and insurances, and similar things you might look for like booster seat, and suchlike and you’re good to go!

 rent a car Hi Rose, the Adobe office isn’t right at the actual airport so they will pick you up in a shuttle to their office at no charge.

The office ain’t far away, it’s like a 5 minute ride.

You will see a Adobe employee waiting outside the airport holding a sign with your name. With that said, for almost white water rafting the Río Pacuare is better we did it with this company // Yes you’d better go to the Poas volcano if you are already in the position and I feel that the waterfall gardens are nearly impossible to say which one is better.

 rent a car There’re hundreds of canopy urs around Costa Rica and to be honest we haven’t been in the San Luis one.

Hi, in the first place we need to wish you a happy birthday!

It might be better if you rent a Mid size SUV. Of course guanacaste has many hidden treasures not accessible by bus. It’ll also be cheaper than hiring a private shuttle to take you everywhere since things are a bit spread out in Guanacaste. Usually, I definitely will, as for renting a car. Renting a car should be a great deal more practical, relying on where you’re staying, transportation to the Rincon de la Vieja National Park is around $ 60 alone. Usually, many beaches and viewpoints are off the beaten path and the buses are not as frequent in this area so it’ll be a problem to get around efficiently and to maximize your 5 days in Guanacaste. Then the road was much improved this past December. Needless to say, you definitely should rent a car.

 rent a car Be sure to ask to have a price including the mandatory insurance.

It’s nicely paved except for a very small section.

Before you travel ask about their insurance coverage as Surely it’s a lot better than Visa’ GPS is a great idea or for awhileer, if you have Amex. Needless to say, we gonna be arriving in san jose airport and later driving to Jaco beach from Jaco we are planning to Manuel national park back to san jose and after all to Arenal. So here is a question. Costa Rica?

 rent a car You recommend renting a car, right? Hello I should be in Costa Rica for the first time with my boyfriend in July, do you know how the weather is like? Your deposit might be held until the case goes to court, if you get into an accident. It’s a well please be very careful when driving since court cases can take months and years to find out and it’s a messy process usually. I’d like to get a van for everyone to be more comfortable but seek for to be sure all those roads should be ok for that. Considering the above said. Hi thank you a lot for all this great information. A well-known fact that is. We are planning 6 people from San Jose, to Sarapiqui, to Arenal, to Monteverde, to Rincon de la Vieja staying at Anita Rainforest Ranch and visiting Sensorio, and hereupon to Samara and leaving from Liberia. We need a 4×4, right? For costs we have an exclusive discount for our readers and you can check the costs here’get real discount rent car costa rica’/ we are always on p of everything so if you rent a car using our promo we get a copy and after all we follow the reservation to be sure everything is perfect.

They road is fine And so it’s up to you if you would like to rent a 4×4 or a sedan both will make it, with intention to drive there might take you around 4 hours from a José. We have new special rates for renting a car plus some really good FREE benefits like extra free driver and cell phone for local calls. We do know both of these places are quite some distance away from our hotel. We definitely need to do at least one ur that explores the Arenal Volcano or the Monteverde Cloud forest. For one day we also would like to have a look at nearby parks/beaches by our hotels. Now look. I’d say if you dont find a parking lot It wont be a bad idea to pay those guys, you are in Costa Rica and unfortunately things can happen so please use intuition and do not leave backpacks or anything valuable inside the car, nearly any street asking you to take care of your car for $ 1 or $ 2. Some individuals are saying that if you bring a letter from your mastercard company or home country auto insurance that proves you have liability coverage in Costa Rica than you don’t have to get any car insurance.

I’m still a bit confused about the mandatory liability insurance.

 rent a car If so, what’s the cost?

Check most of your reviews and site. Of course from reading your responses sounds like I fill in dates and car choice it will add the mandatory insurance and final price will really be the price. Playa Flamingo here. Seriously. You can read about driving times from Liberia Airport here. Now please pay attention. There’s a map of Playa Flamingo on Google Maps so you can see how far it’s from Liberia Airport and the drive time. For quite similar reason we recommend a 100percentage Costa Rican company that gives a special rate to our readers are there’re not hidden or extra charges, the price they gave you is the final price with the mandatory insurance included.

I am sorry to heard what happened, we have had email from readers saying identical from Economy, Hertz, Enterprise and all those International companies.

 rent a car May be alright in a Hyundai Tuscon 4 x 2 or is a 4 x 4 necessary.

We are travelling Feb 27 -Mar 19, Is the 4 x 2 high enough off the ground to travel the back roads? Oftentimes thank you very much for all the information you provide! We are driving for a while the coast road to Playa Junquillal, up to La Fortuna and Rincon de la Viejas and hereupon to Playa del Coco. Normally, I am in the process of deciding on a rental vehicle. I’m wondering if we must just rent a car in Monteverde and drive ourselves to Manuel Antonio therefore up the coast as planned. Any planning to take a private transport from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio consequently rent a car in Manuel Antonio and work our way up to Playa Hermosa.

We might be traveling from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio and after that eventually up to Liberia Airport to go homeward.

What really is the drive like from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio.

I am also finding it difficult to locate a car rental company in Monteverde. Monteverde road is pretty rough and for any longer but you can get by without a 4X4, though it’d be a lot more comfortable. So a sedan will work, just be careful when driving those roads. It is a solitary roads that aren’t paved are to Monteverde and Rio Celeste. Usually, it’s dry season now so you won’t have to worry about heavy rains. Accordingly the basic insurance is mandatory by law as far as I know each must pay the basic insurance, in regards to costs I am not sure but I reckon it for a SUV the rate is around $ 20 daily and $ 16 for a sedan. Anyway, if you try our widget the system will tell you exactly how much.


I have heard so that’s a big issue.

Is there something that you would suggest? I have heard that you can bring bile locks and lock luggage and all zippers eith yhose. During that day we need to stop and explore some. You should take this seriously. La paz area and all that As we do so we will have our luggage with us as we won’t be ti the hotel until that afternoon. Seriously. We are planning to costa rica in march and wanted to rent a car. I’m sure you heard about this. My concern is that we might be driving from san jose to arenal area. We wanted a suv but am worried that out luggage might be seen by locals and stolen. Any info you have should be greatly appreciated. Nonetheless, rent a car with a trunk and never open it. If you will like to you can check our special deal widget here’specialdeals’/’getrealdiscountrentcarcostarica’/ please we will know if you have any question and if you get the car with Adobe Samantha and I are always on p of everything. This link inka express might be a good solution.

I will recommend you to bring your smart phone and install an app call WAZE it works amazingly good here you just need to get a sim card and data you can read how to get one here some GPS does not work here all depend of your model.

Oh glad to hear that!

I am to Nicaragua a lot of times and traveled around there, very beautiful country. So, I haven’t had any experience with Vamos but have never heard anything bad about them so that’s quite important thing. Anyways, we gonna be there for 9 days and gonna be staying 34 days in Arenal but not 100 for most of the days. Hi, I’m pretty sure I am planning on visiting Costa Rica the end of March which should be first time there and might be renting a car with Adobe after reading all the comments. I like to do the zip lining, hot springs, rainforest, la fortuna waterfall and white water raft. Thanks! It’s a well you have any suggestions on where I should do those activities and where else I should visit and must do actives and how are the roads from SJO, right?

Hi Jill thank you for reading our blog, the road from Monteverde to Manuel Antonio has some good and bad sections specially close to Monteverde that usually warrants a 4×You are right about the car rentals, there no offices in Monteverde.

Might be driving from San Jose to Monteverde consequently Manuel Antonio and back to San Jose.

We won’t be driving around Monteverde, just up to the hotel. I am coming to CR next week. You see, So there’re an awful lot of car rental companies around the airport but they don’t all necessarily write your car off there. Remember, the car rental company will have a free shuttle to take you back to the office you can finish the paperwork, charge your card and do the inspection, I’d say if not. Anyways, in regards to your question we live 15 min away from the Hilton Papagayo and without a car Surely it’s very difficult to move around, loads of us are aware that there is a public bus system but I don’t even use it it needs forever and it just don’t take you to the nice places. Will my GPS work there or do I have to download maps to it?

I have a couple of questions.

Best bet to go with a small 4×4?

Is Adobe best? And therefore the mandatory insurance is included in the price and is mandatory, and unfortunately everyone must get it, including me as a Costa Rican is a rent a car police law to protect third parties in the event of accidents or any problem. In regards to the insurance in Costa Rica the law is different, all the rent a cars must get at least a basic insurance and the bank card insurance does not work, I’m almost sure I know it Surely it’s here and unfortunately there’s nothing that you can do, nearly any single person must pay the insurance. We for ages as there are no hidden fees and the is what And so it’s you don’t get extra charges. Basic insurance is mandatory by law here in Costa Rica. Then again, like you said quite a few the International rent a car companies do not include insurance in their rates, I hope you are doing great, thus when the client pick up the car the rate is different. You won’t necessarily need a 4×4 but the roads up to Tenorio is poor, a few of them are paved like Manuel Antonio to Liberia and back to San JOse, to Monteverde is bad and you’ll need a 4×4 for those.

I should say that’s any location which and hereupon you can spend a couple days in Monteverde.
To Manuel ANtonio is like a 4 hour drive, hereafter Manuel Antonio to LIberia is like 5 hour drive so there’s not really any way to do all that in 10 days and enjoy it. It’s true, the roads get worse in rainy season and a few of for awhile. Considering the above said. Just note that there might be a write off fee if you have I’d say in case you don’t seek for to do that. In your opinion should renting a car be more costly and more of hassle than booking urs with transportation included and taking taxis around the nearby parks/beaches? Eventually, on the basis of your recommendation, we booked a 4×4 from Adobe. Hi, Great bog! My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to CR in late November.

Will head to the hotel, we are arriving late at night San Juan.


You know if Adobe can bring the car to the hotel in the morning, right? Although, is their quote going to be a lot easier and much smoother and comfortable to drive with at least a 4X2. So if you’d like to save money on transportation by taking the bus but spending more time, it requires for awhileer so it depends on your preferences, or driving and saving time and being more comfortable, you can also take the public bus. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… It’s a well-known fact that the road from SJO and Liberia to La Fortuna is very good actually, I know it’s well paved, just very curvy. Essentially, we don’t make reservationsthat are noncancelable -we just wing it -which is sometimes stressful always for awhile as we never know if we might be able to get on the plane.

We fly standby, my husband is an airline pilot.

You can get great days with our discount with Adobe to save for your car rental, if you decide to rent a car.

We also offer a free 2nd driver, cell phone and 33percent off GPS. You can read more about it here. I know it’s normal to see those big containers trucks in the road so just be patience if you end it driving up behind one of those. For example, quite a few the times the road is ok, from Palmar to Sierpe is ok a problem to predict the weather and if by any chance it rains for a few days while you are here please check to see if the road is ok.

You guys are awesome!

Planning to use Vamos but now I will definitely book with Adobe through your link -I just ok a loom on the site and it doesnt look like the Jimny is availabme for my dates -only the Tucson 4×2 or the 4×4 …what do you think?

I can’t believe how quickly you got back to me with such great info. Unfortunately, depending on the flight availability, we will have to fly in to Liberia and out of San Jose, with regard to our itinerary. Actually, on the basis of that info, what do you think my be p itinerary for us? Would say for the be certain it’s doable.

Sorry, I’m pretty sure I meant to say August 1 Not lots of bags actually and I believe we’ll just keep our sedan reservation.

I checked with a couple of our hosts and they said that a car going to be OK.

Considering we are renting for 15 days the price difference is huge between a car and a SUV so if I have to drive a little slower to save a couple of hundred dollars so be it. Now in regards to your question so that’s amid the most common complains from tourist, in the United States or Canada insurance sometimes is cover by some credit cards or you can choose which insurance you look for to get also you have the option of just don’t get any insurance. There was no opportunity to shop around for other rentals we grudgingly signed the paperwork, since we were taken by shuttle to the off airport Alamo location.

BEWARE of renting from Alamo in Costa Rica.

We booked our reservation online through the US Alamo site for a 6 day rental for the cheapest car for an estimated tal of $ 123 dollars.

Our bill also had a $ 34 airport fee. Our $ 123 reservation became $ 309, when all was accounted for. Whenever explaining that we already had coverage and our agent explained that in Costa Rica she had to charge us for insurance and that she would only apply the mandatory minimum coverage that was allowed, we protested. Mastercard and US based auto insurance provide coverage. Our experience renting a car in Liberia this June was a disaster full of hidden fees and deception. Would’ve been great to hear what you have found out!

Strange. I tried to add our rental car with our travel insurance through the Berkshire Hathaway company called AirCare but they have said Costa Rica does not allow them to insure cars there. Need to rent a car to find some good surfing spots around there. What do you recommend for good surfing spots? Playa del Coco? We were thinking about renting a golf cart there for 80 of the time. You should take this seriously. We going to be staying in Playa del Coco. Usually, is it unusual that we got the Reservation Confirmation and Number but there was no mention of making a payment or even a request for mastercard information for a deposit? Hello and thanks for the response. Normally, I actually just used your discount agreement and reserved a 4×4 Tuscon with Adobe, thank you for that service the cost was a fair amount less than it will be by going direct through their site.

I emailed Adobe but I don’t know if/when to expect a reply.

What are better steps to take to insure I don’t pay this?

I look for to be prepared to fight them on it if they try pushing this as mandatory. It’s a HUGE extra cost which my visa card already covers. Anyway, thanks! Hello, we are planning Costa Rica trip around New Year, for three adults. That’s interesting. Should we need a SUV at this time of year? We are planning to drive from Sun Jose to Arenal area, than to Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. I know that the roads in the Arenal Volcano National Park isn’t paved but it’s not that bad, you can certainly gt by with an economy car to the national park entrance if you go there. You should take it into account. Should be sufficient for this trip, the road is paved from San Jose to Arenal to Guanacaste travels/guanacaste to arenal volcano driving green/.a lot. The roads are also paved through La Fortuna wn and main roads to the beaches in Guanacaste. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I’m not sure about other websites, they may have it listed under something different or have Basically the Adobe website usually has the mandatory insurance, the loss damage waiver write prechecked on the reserve page. You can make the reservation in our using the widget we have in our site and in the event you can’t show up just we must know and we will talk to our friends and they won’t charge any cancellations fees or even if you don’t contact us shan’t charge you, they are very nice with mytanfeet readers so no worry about that. You can read more about the waterfall for ages because once it hits around 10 AM, llanos ain’t consequently all the urs start stopping there. Renting a car would’ve been if you go early. We’re wondering if you know planning to CR with a friend for the first time. Have you heard of something like that before? We don’t intent to do any ‘offroad’ traveling. Although, hello and thank you for all the information, and I’m glad it looks like you’re still responding to questions! Will get a little more bigger like a sedan there’re a bunch of hills preparing to the Poas Volcano and I wouldn’t recommend to go with a compact car to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, hi Eric Thanks for reading our blog, To be honest I mean you can go but you will have to go very slow. I can’t find the place on the referral to provide the information for the 2nd and 3rd driver. I am making an attempt to make a car rental reservation through you and should just like a little clarification. Actually I made a quote, does that mean I am reserved but not paid? I should like to be able to have all of that completed before I arrive, is that possible?

Thanks! Your website is so helpful, thank you. We need to rent 4×4 in San Jose and drive to the Oso Penninsula for 5 days and the drive to Panama for 7 days. Is it possible to take a rental car across the border? Thank you for your website I know it’s very helpful information. Therefore, our current itinerary is LIRArenal/La Fortuna -Playas del Coco -LIR. We are staying in La Fortuna for a couple of days and later traveling to Playas del Coco for the remainder of our trip. Essentially, renting must rent a vehicle. Thank you! Fact, we are only traveling with one carry on any so we do not need a bunch of space. You think a small car, just like a Hyundai i10, is okay for this trip, right? Then, we appreciate any feedback you can give us. My girlfriend and I could be traveling to Costa Rica in late December. Besides, what kind of trip are you looking for, what are you willing to spend and is driving even something you seek for to do while on vacation?

I am recommending renting a car in Costa Rica with a hint of caution however, That’s a fact, it’s something for awhile and hard about. We have an article with tips for driving from Guanacaste to Arenal with a video of the roads and drive time here. Should renting a sedan or hatch back work or do I need a 4×2 SUV? How much time should spend in every of the places? Anyways, could you recommend in what order I must plan the things that I look for to do that should be most efficient? I 100percent striving to make mandatory as well.

We are traveling in first pace of Feb for 2 weeks…rented a small car from Adobe. Adobe’s website states this. I know that the LDW has a deductible of US $ 1000 -US $ 1,The cost of the LDW varies with the car category and goes from US $ 14 per day to US $ 25per day. And so it’s mandatory. It also protects the financial losses in the event of a tal or partial theft of the automobile. Nevertheless, the LDW isn’t an insurance. For an additional daily fee, the rentee can waive his financial responsibility if of damages to the rental car, produced by a car accident, collision or roll over.

Accordingly the drive from Arenal to Liberia is roughly 3 hours give or take traffic.

We usually give ourselves an extra hour for a while for a while being that driving in Costa Rica is sometimes for awhile it’ll take to get from Point a to Although it’s only about 140 km from LIR to Arenal, the road is pretty windy and you have to drive much slower.

If you’re taking an international flight you should be at the airport by 12 and you never know how traffic is on that road, that’s cutting it pretty close however. Therefore, I’d try to leave earlier if possible, at least by 8 AM so you can safely get there at 12 without any worries. Whenever anything could happen and it’s best not to take chances, it a lot!!! I may do a prorated international plan with Verizon as the state they have service in the areas we should be traveling and it appears to be pretty cheap … but will definitely be booking our car rental with Adobe.).

Your information is very helpful and I love website.

You can be 100 sure that the price you see where it says tal may be the final one no extra charges, a great relation with them and they know our readers are our #1 priority. We need to know if you have a cell phone in Costa Rica we will like to add an extra driver please we shall know, we can get it for free. Now please pay attention. All readers who book a car through Mytanfeet will automatically receive a 2nd driver and free cell phone.

They automatically have it in their system for each single Mytanfeet reservation for these benefits. I’d say if you need to double check, you can email Adobe, It’s already included in the reservation which is why you may not see it in the comments. I really appreciate it. Its so great to have this prompt and thorough response! Thank you very much for all of your Therefore in case driving a sedan should be acceptable. Loads of information can be found on the web. My question is do you think what’s the typical mileage per tank on a mini SUV?

THANK YOU for putting gether this AMAZING blog!

I am also looking for advice as I am arriving in Liberia 5/27 6″/4 and might be traveling to a beach near Nosara that day.

Can you recommend beaches nearby Nosara or on the way from Liberia airport that are easy to access? Anyways, any other tips will be helpful, as I’m a female traveling alone for this trip. I’d like use the car to visit neighbouring beaches during my stay and later will drive up to Rincon de la Vieja for the last 2 days. This is the case. For those locations you won’t really need one, as for a GPS. Furthermore, hermosa, Flamingo and Liberia are all really easy to find and the lodge has signs as well, and they have directions on their website. This is where it starts getting very intriguing, right? I don’t think you’ll really need one to be honest since those locations are pretty well marked and if you get lost, each local will know those locations.

I hope you are doing great! Most of the roads where you are going experience for awhiles distances and on really poor shape but like that one gonna be perfect in costa rica/thebestinformationaboutrentingamidsizesuvincostarica. Thanks very much for the quick and awesome reply! Therefore, I was planning to go with Vamos but will definitely book with Adobe now! I just went to the web sit and they don’t seem to have any Jimnys availabke for my dates. With that said, tuscon 2″×4 or 4×4 -what do you recommend for 3 adults?

Did you know that the main road from all those locations are pretty decent since they are mostly on the main highways. You won’t absolutely have to have a 4X4 since the main roads are all nice and paved, unless you plan to go back or off roading. So yes the LDW is the is mandatory here and many companies call it mandatory insurance, with the Tucson 4×2 you may be more than fine. All the rentals are unlimited mileage so no worry about it. So in case you have more question please just we need to know. For more info click this: inka bus. Basically, we could be arriving in LIB on 7/1/15 and staying through 7/15/Our itinerary will look something like ‘LIBPlaya’ Flamingo Tamarindo Malpais -Arenal Potrero LIB. Generally, you think so it is doable or do we definitely need a SUV 4×4, right?

Currently we have a Nissan Sentra 4 door sedan rented for 3 adults and 1 toddler.

I got ld that if I didn’t pay $ 900 I wouldn’t be able to pickup the car!

My reservation online tal including fees and insurance was $ After a 12 hour flight when I arrived at the pickup location they charged me $ 900!!! From Playas del Coco, better surfing beaches are Playa Tamarindo. Then again, we have a post about it here. Our post is here. Playa Grande, so good for beginners but certain tides and spots are excellent for intermediates and high levels. Remember, we fly into Liberia, spend first night at playa Hermosa, after that, next morning staying 3 nights at arenal observatory lodge so back to playa flamingo 3nights and later back to Liberia. Coming feb 2016. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Not sure we need 4×4 will a compact do or do we need small suv? We really need at gps, right? That’s right! Looking to rent car from abode from your website but not sure what to get. That’s right! Love the videos of the roads.

Wow, what a great site and very much info. I know it’s 1adult and 2 children 1012 age years. Hi Sammi -Adobe did respond to my email and basically said identical to you, and I called and we’re all set! Far I’m impressed with them. Being that they can never guarantee the exact make and model, as for vehicles. Let me tell you something. Adobe is very efficient, they are always on time and very prompt. Nevertheless, will you be in Liberia city or LIR, as for Liberia. We are still in high season but really similar places I recommend you to do first Guancaste we love Guachipelin ur therefore go to Monteverde and Arenal. Yeison just published another in depth guide to driving in Costa Rica.

Learn what it’s like to drive here straight from a Costa Rican, figure out what kinds of things you should better look out for and the Costa Rican way of driving. Arenal and monteverde sounds good but I will definitely take more than one day at any destination for the most part there’re many things to see and do and just one day wouldn’t be enough, hereafter you do not need to take the ferry to come back to San Jose. Will I need a 4×4 if I travel routes 126, 4, 32, and 36, if I rent a car at Juan Santamaria. Certainly, thinking of coming to Costa Rica in September to visit La Virgen, Sarapiqui, and later for awhile drive to Cahuita. Except parking lots, To be honest I doubt I’ll travel off these roads. Any Tucson is ok you gonna be able to go everywhere with the 4×2, only one thing I didn’t know was about picking up the car in San José and return it in Liberia, most of us know that there are a small fee on this.

You can check our rent a car special now is very good deals you can find here’specialdeals’/get real discount rent car costa rica/ We know very well the areas you need to visit so if you need some advice about what to do and what to expect you can submit your questions here Regarding your last question our favorite snorkeling place is the Caño Island Undoubtedly it’s located in the south pacific Enjoy your vacations and thanks for reading our blog have an ideal night! Will I need a 4×4, or is bus service sufficient to visit these places? I am planning to fly into Liberia on March 9, and need to be in San Jose on March I’d like to visit Lake Arenal and the Monteverde Cloud Forest while traveling to San Jose. Of all, Know what guys, I love the blog! Considering the above said. We might be flying into San Jose but staying in the Manuel Antonio area for 8 days. Thanks! Is the mandatory insurance the Loss Damage Waiver -Theft insurance? Fact, you think that must work for 2 3″ of us, right? It’s already checked off. For instance, think we depending on other comments, it seems we may not need a 4×4 if we could be staying in the Manuel Antonio area.

My husband, myself, and 4 other friends might be in Costa Rica in September.

I think that amidst the things I didn’t see listed. Can you also tell me if these cars offer unlimited mileage? So, I returned and no problems, no questions asked with great fast service. Notice, gPS was a plus and having the protection added made it worry free. Adobe Car rental was a great!! I was a bit for any longer being that I couldn’t clean out the sand all over the inside of the vehicle. I just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!. We went with a SUV Creta and it was perfect for all the roads on the pacific coast. I am currently deciding on what to do about insurance.

Obviously have to get the minimum but I don’t need to have to worry about any accidents and having an out of pocket expense.

We could be renting our car February ’14t 4th’ during our honeymoon and I don’t know how much insurance coverage to get.

I am curious as to what you found out? Generally, does this sound reasonable? I was thinking we must explore Arenal and Monteverde the first couple of days, so head down the west cost, ultimately taking the ferry across and back to San Jose. Second, what really is your recommendation about better itinerary for us? Then again, the poser with all those international companies is that they give to the client how much the car will cost but consequently when the client shows up, surprise! I do not blame this International for any longer being that they operate all over the world and they can not change their for any longer being that Costa Rica is a little different. Here in Costa Rica is different whenever you rent a car is mandatory to get at least a basic insurance, look, there’s no way you can’t avoid the payment or use your Credit Card car insurance it has to be paid and that’s it.

We are heading to Pacuare Reserve for a few days hoping to see turtles laying and walking forest trails, thence back to San Jose to pick up a car to head south.

Before returning to Drake Bay and Sierpe, rainmaker and San Antonio NP, to Sierpe for a boat to Drake Bay maybe some whale watching another boat to Sirena for a night.

Back in the car and down the Route 2 237 to Wilson Botannical Gardens for a couple of days, after that, north on 237 probably to Arenal/Monteverde. Notice, perhaps Rio Celeste and if time allows, over to Rincon Vieja before returning to San Jose. We for any longer being that we haven’t heard any complain from this company and they give us a special rate for our readers.

I’d say in case there is anything we can do to we will know, we know the Rentals Manager and he always To be honest I am sorry again for not be able to use your CC insurance here.

It’s a complimentary pick up.

Send your flight information including arrival time to the adobe email address and add it in the comments, they know to pick you up from the local terminal in Quepos, when you make the reservation. Thanks for your help. Should we rent two SUV. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… How is the drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, specifically in Villa Feliz. Can you recommend a mini van that can fit nine people plus nine small luggage and can handle the terrains? Hi, We may be heading to CS this April 2 with a number of nine for a week.

You won’t need a 4×The road to La Fortuna, up Poas, Irazu and to Limon are nice paved roads, I’d say if you stay on the main roads. You may need one I’d say if you seek for to explore around and I don’t remember if So there’s a bunch of signage for as for a GPS, chorros and Del Toro Irazu and Arenal and Limon is only one road from San Jose. WAZE is p GPS you can use in Costa Rica, as for the GPS. It’s a well if you get a pre paid sim card you can use data on your phone for GPS but jus tmake sure you have enough credit for data. Now pay attention please. We are flying into San Jose. Usually, we should be in CR from Jan. Sounds familiardoesn’t it? For awhile the way at Volcan Irazu, we drive to Limon area and spend 3 days exploring the Caribbean coast, and whitish water rafting on the Pacuare River.

You think we need a 4×4 and also GPS, right? For ages the way at Volcan Poas, our plan. Is to rent a car and drive up to La Fortuna/Arenal area and spend 3 days exploring the position, Los Chorros Catarata del Toro waterfalls.
Our first time! Drive back to San Jose for one night, and leave Jan. We drive back to San Jose for one night. Eventually, thanks! Oftentimes if you were planning on taking pit stops and maybe exploring off the road after that, I might say yes but sounds like you guys have reservations at a hotel and you just need to get to Playa Hermosa. It needs about 5 hours, it’s fairly zig zaggy and though it’s paved well, you still need to be careful since other drivers like to go fast, pass, make sure you do not signal, and suchlike in regards to road conditions, it’s good.

My recommendation isn’t to rent a car, it’s really not worth it when you can just take the bus from san Jose to Liberia/Coco and it’s only $ 8 a ticket if you’ll just need it for that trip.

We wrote a post about top-notch things to do which you can read here.

You can visit the national park, the La Fortuna waterfall, go almost white water rafting, look, there’re actually a n of fun things to do in the location, as for Arenal. Its only a 4 day trip through Teresa so was thinking of renting a car….but we are leary of the deposit they are asking! Any advice on travelling from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa? Anyway, from Santa Teresa we have to get back to Liberia to the airport. Whenever having not driven on our past trip to Costa Rica, we are a bit wary about driving the hill of death.

Thanks for your informative blog.

Any reason a 4 wheel drive is needed?

Your thoughts are appreciated. What are the roads like? We don’t really plan off road side trips. Not sure of quite a bit of the trip, possibly same route return, possibly on to Golfito and hereupon back to San Jose. Paved or gravel? While travelling from San Jose to Savegre Lodge, consequently on to San Vitio and the Wilson Gardens, we are planning a return trip to Costa Rica this Spring. Is it difficult to navigate around San Jose to get on the road to Tamarindo? Nevertheless, was there enough leg room in the 3rd row. Thanks a lot for all the great advise and and later driving to Tamarindo. You should take it into account. We are coming to Costa Rica for the first time, next week!

Wonderful site!

Is this where you rented your Ford Everest for the 6 adults you were traveling with?

We’ve been going through your posts and see where you recommend Adobe Car Rental but we didn’t see any link?. Then, miles of mud ruts are probably not ideal this trip, in regards to the car, it should be up to you we always recommend Adobe they give great discounts to out readers and they have a mini van for 9 people might be OK as I lived for 3 years in rural Tanzania) this time my wife 2 teenagers are with me. Considering the above said. I am organizing a trip Feb 6 11th, 2016 for a friend who won a casa at Plantation Estates in Rosario ‘d Naranjo, the property manager says it’s near Grecia.

Off so it is a great blog!!!

That’s our first trip a little fearful of driving but was in Italy recently and it was rather hectic there but not the worst.

Like others here I have read lots of horror stories regarding renting and driving. We have 6 in our group and my hubby in 6’We are not really a bunch of adeline junkies we are into cool not extreme nature sites and love discovering eating places to satisfy the foodies in the group plus we have some super huge history lovers, We going to be flying into SJO and are highly advised to rent a car/SUV. Can I book online with Adobe or do I call them how do I redeem promotions from you? It’s not always safe to sleep in your car here since it’s not normal in Costa Rica… I recommend just renting a normal sedan or the smaller i10 sedans which are cheaper and staying in hostels, in October you can find beds for as low as $ 10 a night since it’s low season now. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. October is our rainiest month so do be prepared for rain. A well-known fact that is. Honestly, By the way I don’t recommend using a mattress and sleeping in the car.

, it’s not recommended to sleep in your car and you’ll need to rent a least a 4×2 SUV for those routes because of the bad roads and rainy weather conditions.

I do recommend renting at for a while being that you’ll need it for the roads to Monteverde and the Ostional, the roads there’re pretty bad and during rainy season the rivers get super full and you Now, a mattress wouldn’t fit and renting a car that will fit like a SUV or even a H1 is super expensive and it should cost even more than if you stayed in hotels. Our goal is to give top-notch information and how about to for any longer to others who you think might also find it useful, if you found this article helpful.

We look for to doublecheck whether we spend little time obtaining and returning the rental, we are after a rental 4 X 4 for 6 days.

Is Adobe efficient? Will they have the vehicle we request, or, will there be some snafu as to why look, there’s not a VEHICLE that meets our reservation? Just think for a moment. Likewise, in LIB. They seemed to suggest that all fees but the $ 90 fee were fair. Essentially, we were infuriated that we had been outright lied to about what was a mandatory charge. That’s where it starts getting really intriguing. We also learned that the $ 34 airport fee is a percentage of your tal rental and the fee is to take the shuttle from the airport to the counter, a ride that ok 5 minutes.

We fought these additional fees with Alamo US upon returning and were ld that the email confirmation explains that the insurance purchase is mandatory…we looked at the confirmation and this was nowhere to be found.

At no time on the day of the rental were we ld we should be charged for the ride.

They have expressed zero interest in reforming the rental process. They did compensate us with 3 free days Alamo rental coupons but I am guessing that they are continuing to rip off other customers. Nothing had been done, I’m quite sure I suggested that they must be more transparent with these charges and that lying about insurance coverage must lead to employee discipline. Just think for a moment. We so contacted another Alamo Costa Rica employee a few days later and we were informed that it was not true that the $ 90 accident protection was mandatory and he removed it from our bill. I think 2 4×4 like the Hyunday Tucson must be perfect!

Basically the Hyundai Santa Fe they have fits up to 5 adults and 4 big cases in the back, and I am not sure if they have some 7 passengers available. That’s the peak of the high season and you will see that people will start leaving Jaco, they have to comeback to their jobs or schools, you might see less people by the 16th, if I would’ve be you I will take the car every where even in Jaco. My husband and I are traveling to Costa Rica right after this month. For our trip we could be staying 4 days in Arenal and 3 days in Guantacaste. How do we go about getting the extra free driver? So it’s our first trip to Costa Rica and we are a little overwhelmed. Is there anything you should consider a must see at either of these places or on the road? Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I do see your link to Adobe rental car and gonna be booking with them.

You can definitely drive it but it will take around 5 -6 hours depending which route you take.

Nature Air flies from Tamarindo to Tambor and from Tambor you can grab a cab to Santa Teresa/Mal Pais which ain’t very far.

You may look for to think about taking a local flight instead since that will save you a bunch of time, if you only have 4 days. From Tamarindo you can fly to LIR. I understand your position and best you can do is email our Rep at Adobe Rent a Car his name is Luis and he deal with this things every day. You should take it into account. His email is Make sure to tell them you are a Mytanfeet reader I talk to them very often and they know I always seek for the best for our readers. It’s way cheaper to rent a car that get a shuttles around, let’s say a shuttle from the airport to the hilton look for, The Hilton beach is ok but the nicest beaches are around that area so definitely you need a car.

Accordingly the cell phone comes with one hour credit for local calls, you can do international calls with that phone but you might need to put some money in the phone.

I am not 100 sure but with $ 2 you can talk around 10 to 15 minutes to the US.

Those lines a pre paid so you might need to go to a super market or any cell phone store to do the transaction And so it’s very easy. Eventually, another place that we will try to go is Volcan Poas and La paz waterfalls. Therefore, manuel Antonio and San Jose after that. I am about to go to CR next weekend for a full week and I was wondering which car type must I get.

Like playa del Coco and Flamingo, my itinerary is from the airport to Tamarindo beach and hereafter I will go all the way up to the border with Nicaragua, after comng back the next stop going to be Monteverde, hereafter Celeste River and La Fortuna.

We are currently at the Hilton papagayo with one day left on our vacation an and were wondering if you had any advice on what we must see/do on our last day.

Hola! Thanks for your great advice renting a car with Adobe! Thanks for your comment and I am sorry for your bad experience so far 99 of our readers have positive reviews, just one guy lost his sun glasses but they found them next week. Like I said it is for a while because of these huge international companies, please we will know if you come back to the country we will find out if you get an excellent service. With that said, we’re ending our vacation at the start of June in Guanacaste, just after a ’13 day’ ate1 tour.

We won’t need a car that day either, we were thinking of taking a side trip to Nicaragua with Mardigi Tours.

Do you think it makes sense to rent a car for just a day or two?

You know how the road is from San Jose to Playa Hermosa, right? Not sure how much we’ll for a while being that we plan to spend time on the beach, if we get there. We’re doing best in order to decide if we must rent a car, take a bus, or fly to Liberia. They recommend a 4X4 to Monteverde but we have seen sedans make it, albeit very slowly and uncomfortably. Drive very carefully and I highly recommend getting the SPP plan it’s the transition to rainy season, if you rent a sedan.

I don’t know if it has rained in Monteverde but it very well could, and in that case I do recommend getting at least a 4X2. I know that the road to Monteverde ain’t good, it’s unpaved for a large portion of it and you have to drive on that road to get to the hotels in Monteverde. Typical deposit is around $ 1000 and they put that on a bank card, the Adobe office is located 5 minutes from the airport actually all rent a car companies are off site, a Adobe representative gonna be waiting for you and they will take you and your husband to their office on their van, you do not need a SUV if you are just intending to the Manuel Antonio area. Anyway, I’d be going from san jose stopping in arenal, la fortuna waterfall, on my way to guancaste and if I have time going by nicoya peninsula. Seriously. Ill be down there august 1420th. Notice that how are road conditions thence? What do you recommend that I get? Reasons to it’s for a while being that my girlfriend does not feel comfortable driving stick shift in Costa Rica and we look for to be able to share driving while we are down there.

Hi, To be honest I am looking to rent a car with my girlfriend while we travel and I am curious if they have a variety of 4X4 rentals available in automatic transmission.

You have another recommendation for a rental car, right?

Hi, traveling with family to CR in Dec over Christmas and staying in Tamarindo for a week. Adobo says no full sized SUagainst available for this time. Essentially, Hertz has an office in Tamarindo, should you recommend a shuttle to wn and only rent a car for day trips? Eventually, we have some good deals at this point if you book using our site. Then, the hill of death Cerro de la muerte ain’t that bad it just has a terrible name ???? we have driven it many times and is all good just be careful and do not speed on the curves. What a fabulous site!

We’ll be visiting CR in April 2016, and looking to rent a car as we need to travel from Playa Hermosa to Arenal.

Is that okay?

Hi Sammy Yeison! Thanks for all the info. Currently, we have a booking with Dollar for $ 180 for a week for an economy car. While saving 10 and more when they rent a car with them plus a free second driver, a free cell phone with 1 credit hour, free baby and booster seats, a discount on WiFi hot spot and 33 off GPS rental, we partnered up with Adobe Rent a Car to give our readers an exclusive discount. We’re happy to be able to extend this special offer to you, if so and you’re intent on renting a car in Costa Rica for your trip. However, book a car, have a trip of a lifetime and save money while doing it!