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Ur Bus – Your Contributions Power Kpcc Give Today

November 18, 2016 tom 0

Buses were pretty quick to arrive any night, at night, on way back to resort there was always standing room only. Have stayed in all the value resorts multiple times……Bus service was AWESOME at AoA last month! Our little ones LOVED their experiences on the buses. Did you know that Read More

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Rent A Car – Recommended Reviews For Goodmiles Rent A Car

October 27, 2016 tom 0

Great rental for extended term. The rental car was not fancy but I didn’t have one problem with it the entire time. I rented for 13 weeks in the summer and the price difference between Goodmiles and identical companies was astounding. Fact, the most exceptional part was the customer service. Read More

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Bus Transportation: So That’s Been A Thorn In The Side

April 11, 2016 tom 0

Renting a car for the first time can seem like a daunting experience. The car ‘sign and drive’ process can be simplified if you know what to bring to the agency desk. I am sure that the combination of hidden surcharges, mileage policies and insurance options can drive you to Read More